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Why do business with JEWELZ.COM? Hopefully because of our business model:
1. 99% of retail sales is marketing and markup, and even the most savvy of buyers often pay too much for what they get.

2. Retail prices are so high not because the retailers are crooks or are getting wealthy on a huge markup, but because their OVERHEAD is so high. Remember, when you buy a gem in a jewelry store you are paying for the air conditioning, lighting, cases, carpet, interest on inventory, insurance, rent, and even the annoying salesperson who isn't content to merely let you 'look.'

3. The 'price' of a gem increases every time it changes hands, so when the miner sells it to the importer who sells it to the cutter who sells it to the dealer who sells it to the jeweler who sells it to you, you've often paid AT LEAST 10 times more than you could have if you could buy direct. JEWELZ.COM buys as close to the source as possible, either buying gems straight from the mines or from talented cutters who have purchased from the mines.

4. The ultimate purchasing metric is VALUE, which is WHAT YOU GET versus WHAT YOU PAY. In starting JEWELZ.COM I have attempted to create the ultimate VALUE by cutting out every last bit of overhead possible. We do not offer a showroom open to the public. But WE DO OFFER the BEST PRICES for the quality of the gems, and that's guaranteed or your money will be refunded. We cut out the fat!

5. A lot of other gem collectors and dealers have seen what JEWELZ.COM is accomplishing and are joining in, some of the gems advertised on this site are consignment items put there for sale on a commission basis. We insure before taking on commissioned pieces that the owner has integrity and the items appear to be genuine in nature, and all advertisers agree to abide by the JEWELZ.COM 10 day return policy. In addition, advertising space is available at an affordable rate.

6. What JEWELZ.COM uniquely offers is a dynamic site with thousands of pictures of actual gems for sale, changing frequently as new gems arrive and other gems are sold. New arrivals always appear at the tops of each of the pages. Please remember when you access the pages that this site gets many thousands of visitors per month, and thus you may be looking at the same gem and thinking the same thoughts as someone else at the same time!

7. We VALUE our customers, they are the reason we are here and the vast majority of our sales are with return customers! We thank you for your support!

8. We sell to everyone. We don't ask what you are going to do with the gems (but we like to hear!). We sell to major jewelry manufacturers. We sell to collectors. We sell to anyone who wants to buy what we have to offer!